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Belleville commonly used materials allowable stress

Spring at work is often subject to a variable load or impact load, in order to ensure that the spring is capable of long-lasting reliable operation, the material must have a high elastic limit and fatigue limit, and should have sufficient toughness and ductility, and good heat treatability....


the spring processing technology development

A wide range of disc springs are replaced by a cylindrical coil spring. Commonly used in heavy machinery, such as presses, and artillery, aircraft and other weapons, as a powerful buffer and damping spring, used as a car with tractor clutch and a safety valve compression spring...


the spring processing technology development

At present, the mechanical spring processing equipment and processing lines toward the development of the depth and breadth of the numerical control (NC) and computer-controlled (CNC). With the changes in the spring material and geometry, the processing also development....


The development of the spring material

The the spring application technology development, the material put forward higher requirements. mainly to improve fatigue life and under high stress relaxation properties; secondly is required to have corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance...